PHP Development Agency

PHP Development Agency

PHP is the most popular programming language on the Internet. According to Wappalyzer, as many as 82% of websites were built using PHP.

PHP was created for building websites and in recent years, it has developed a lot, becoming a fully-fledged, efficient, high-quality programming language. Continuous development and enormous community make PHP the programming language of choice for many companies and projects.


  • At SW Software Solutions, we have been working with PHP for over 10 years. We focus primarily on developing web applications and websites, which makes PHP a natural choice for us – we use it to develop world-class projects. We are proud of the quality we deliver to our clients.

We deliver exceptional websites and web apps using PHP

  • We create entire PHP applications and websites, as well as components supporting systems developed using other technologies. Usually, we work with one of the PHP frameworks – depending on the project and its requirements, it can be Drupal, Symfony or Laravel.

PHP tools and frameworks

PHP is more than a programming language, it is an ecosystem of components

PHP alone is not enough. PHP also consists of a large number of libraries developed and supported by the community, a number of popular frameworks, such as Drupal, Symfony and Laravel, which can be used to create advanced projects. We will help you choose the right software for your project, in order to ensure the long-term success of your endeavour.

PHP website building

When you plan to build a website, you want to be sure that the selected solution will be stable and developed in the years to come. By choosing PHP, you choose the most popular programming language, which is continuously developed and used to develop professional solutions. What’s more, many PHP-based solutions created are licensed as Open Source, so you won’t have to incur license costs. You do not pay for the mere fact of using the selected system.

By choosing a website based on PHP and built by Droptica, you choose a proven team and a proven system: A team that has been developing PHP-based web solutions for over 10 years. A team that loves working with PHP. A team that leads the projects to the end.

PHP Software Solutions

  • Do you have a PHP-based website and need some help to develop it further? We will help you! Many of our clients have come to us with an existing system or website. They came in search of better service and quality and a solid team to develop their software.
  • We have been building websites for over 10 years. Our team has extensive experience in taking care of systems built by other developers, which enables us to quickly start adding new functionalities.
  • We automate a lot. We will automate the process of pushing new versions to the production servers and the testing process. Thanks to this, we will be able to deliver new functionalities without breaking other parts of the system or interrupting its operation.

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